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From the early 1970's, Brembo has been at the forefront of brake disc research and development for competition and production. Brembo's long experience with all types of rotor material (cast-iron, steel, stainless-steel, aluminum, and, most recently, carbon-fiber) assures you of the best-quality discs for your needs, as well as the latest in proven technology (Brembo has offered fixed iron discs for production use since 1973 and competition-grade floating iron discs for general use since 1982!). Whether building all-out racing machinery or fine production motorcycles, Grand Prix teams and Manufacturers around the World demand Brembo. Should you settle for anything less?

Motorquality, in conjunction with Brembo, produces a wide range of discs to fit a variety of makes and models. From one-piece iron discs to floating-iron on beautifully made anodized carriers, chances are there are motorquality discs for your machine. available for: Benelli, Bimota, BMW, Cagiva, Ducati, H-D, Honda, Kawasaki, Laverda, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki, Triumph, and Yamaha.

A word about rotor materials and brake pads
Many Brembo rotors come in ‘MeehaniteTM’ cast-iron, chosen for its superior friction coefficient, high-heat and moisture-absorbtion capabilities, and overall durability. The relatively "soft" nature of cast-iron gives it many of its outstanding properties, and as such, requires proper brake pads to function correctly. (Making brake pads that provide great stopping power isn’t technically difficult if the life of the brake disc isn’t considered. To make pads that provide great stopping power and don’t damage discs is technically difficult, and requires extensive R&D that only a firm with the size and expertise of Brembo can provide). Brembo ‘MeehaniteTM’ cast-iron discs must be used only with Brembo brake pads or pads approved by Brembo or Cyclebrakes to avoid premature wear or damage (indeed, mq/Brembo discs starting with part number "18.-" are supplied with approved pads). Brembo and Cyclebrakes will not be responsible for disc damage resulting from use of non-approved brake pads!

Full-floating PATENT-Steel
A result of years of intensive development with the leading World GP and Superbike teams, this new, brembo-exclusive material promises improved durability with the same weight and performance advantages of cast-iron discs. Floating on billet- aluminum carriers and offered in very limited availability to legitimate National-Championship level racing efforts. New for ‘98- Floating PATENT- Steel discs for street-OEM applications. Call for details!



320mm FF Narrow Band for Ducati, Requires Monobloc or 2-piece Titanium Piston Caliper. Racing Applications Only

320mm FF OE on Ducati 996/916/748



320mm FF OE on Ducati 900SS/851/888

320mm FF for Yamaha YZF/R1

One or Two-piece Stainless Steel (OEM-type)
Have a current Ducati or other sporting European steed and need exact replacements for your OEM stainless discs? Looking to convert a 750SS or Monster stock front single-disc setup to a double configuration? We have the exact, steel-on-steel front rotors and one-piece rear types, at very affordable prices!



245mm for Ducati Rear Application

240mm for Ducati Rear
Application, 916/900E to '94



240mm for Ducati Rear Application, 916 '95 up

220mm Aprilia RSV/Mille Rear Application


220mm ApriliaRear Application

Cast Iron Rotors
Brembo no longer makes Cast Iron Rotors, but TAW can still get them,
in limited availablity, from other sources. Give us a call at 303-456-5544.

Full-Floating Cast-Iron
The original, highest-quality cast-iron rotors, floating on hard-anodized alloy buttons and anodized-gold billet-aluminum carriers. Produced by brembo for general usage since 1982, these discs are renowned for their countless race wins, World GP and Superbike championships, and outstanding price-performance ratio. They are available in a broad range of direct-replacement applications for European & Japanese sport machinery as well as for specialized racing needs. Should anything less than race-proven mq/brembo discs be stopping YOUR bike?

Two-piece Fixed Cast-Iron
A lightweight design seen in racing and European OEM usage in the 1970’s-80’s. For some older applications, mq/brembo have found the cost & complexity of floating discs to be unnecessary to provide a maximum of braking performance. In these instances, mq/brembo offer their high-grade cast-iron rotors fixed to anodized billet-aluminum carriers. As with all mq/brembo discs, these are a perfect bolt-on fitment.

One-piece Fixed Cast-Iron
Found in European OEM use in offset or flat disc form through the 1980’s, and still available for several applications. As an alternative to the flat, one-piece stainless-steel OE discs now in wide use on European & Japanese machinery that incorporate the the disc carriers with the wheel hub, mq/brembo cast-iron replacements offer genuine braking improvement at an affordable price!

What about Carbon-Carbon discs?
There is no doubt that the highest-performance disc/pad materials are required for travelling that rare area that few ever venture - World GP Championship racing. Currently, those materials are carbon-carbon.

There is also no doubt that Brembo leads the world in research and development of high-performance braking systems, including carbon-carbon installations.

At present development levels, however, carbon-carbon discs function best only in the extreme temperature ranges generated by World-class competition-in other words, the same discs that repeatedly and effectively slow an NSR500 from 180+mph wouldn’t be hot enough to stop a 600F3 from 35mph for a child running into traffic (...unless one had warning enough to start braking much earlier than with stock equipment - say a city block or so...). Even for racing in many non-GP championships, carbon-carbon is banned due to its present high cost.

Will brembo carbon-carbon systems be generally available anytime soon? That question remains in doubt. But brembo carbon-carbon brakes, when and if they appear, will have the same all-around reliability, usability, high performance and integrity of engineering that has hallmarked brembo brake systems since 1961.

Brembo Brackets

Limited Availabilty. Call for availability of brackets for other bikes. Many bikes require you make your own bracket.


Caliper Bracket for the Suzuki GSXR

Caliper Bracket for Ducati

Caliper Bracket for Yamaha R1


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