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CBK320 Product Review

Dave Watkins   1998 KLR 650  - Posted on the following chat forums in June 2003: EdmontonDualSportRiders@yahoogroups.ca  and DSN_klr650@yahoogroups.com 

“… Cyclebrakes' recently released oversized rotor kit developed specifically for the KLR. …  I rode my KLR from Calgary, Alberta Canada to Moab, Utah, USA a distance of 1107 miles and was as usual totally unimpressed with the braking ability of the KLR. Even without a load I'm still unimpressed. When I arrived in Moab…  picked up my rotor kit.

Removal and replacement of the rotor went well and without a hitch. Basically you remove the stock rotor and replace it with theirs. The existing front brake caliper is reinstalled using their relocating bracket and the two supplied bolts.

Once the complete setup was installed and after a 60 mile or so "bed in" period I felt confident in putting it all to the test. Without a doubt, this is the best modification I have done to this bike! With rider and minimal gear I was surprised just how much difference there was compared to the stock braking system. I felt much more confident in the braking ability and this translated to better handling and rider comfort in my opinion. Because of the increased performance I found that a lot less effort was required when braking which was nice. Often only very slight pressure on the front was all I was required to use whenever necessary. I did find on occasion that I was forgetting all about the back brake and had to slap my fingers a couple of times to jog my memory. Fully loaded with a total weight of 585 Lbs. I was still amazed at the difference.

After Moab I continued to travel south to The Grand Canyon and surrounding areas and was continually amazed at how much better the brakes were. Ever do a stoppie with a 585 Lb KLR surrounded by deer? I did! Startled the hell out of me but it stopped in time. The last couple of yards the rear end started to come up. So, if you've got the traction it will rise.

As I said at the beginning of this post, I wouldn't consider a different caliper as I believe that the current setup I have is more than sufficient. For the riding I do. I have nothing but praise for this setup and the kit that Galfer and Cycle Brakes have come up with. It's a win-win in my books!!

Cheers, Dave”

John Biccum KLR 650
  -   Posted on the following chat forums in June 2003: EdmontonDualSportRiders@yahoogroups.ca  and DSN_klr650@yahoogroups.com 

“I have exactly the same setup.  The difference is phenomenal.  I weigh 240, make that 260 in Aerostitch and usually am carrying some luggage.  The brakes stop now, no feeling like I need to drag my size 14s.”


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